Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TWD: Fresh Mango Bread

I can't say I've ever been a fan of the mango. I like mango mixed with other foods, especially passion fruit. Orange Passion fruit Mango is one of my favorite juice drinks, for instance. But every time I've had mango there's been a little something about it I haven't really warmed up to.

While I was cutting up the mango for this bread, I was thinking about a long lost friend of mine I've recently found thanks to Facebook (I'm up to 17 friends, pretty exciting!). AK lives in the Florida Keys and was announcing on her page a massive mango give away, posting "Mangoes! Mango bread, mango muffins, mango mousse, mango smoothies, mango chicken, sliced mango, diced mango, frozen mango, mango wine..." Mangoes in Florida must be like Avocados here in California. Lots of people have trees, when they are ripe you can't get rid of them fast enough, and everyone has lots of ways to use them. Plus people either love them or hate them. (Did I mention I'm not a fan of the mango?)

So there I am comparing mangoes with avocados (even the way you cut them is somewhat similar) when I unthinkingly put a stray piece in my mouth and ate it. And didn't hate it. In fact, I rather liked it. Since I didn't have many to spare I scrounged around for another taste just to be sure I still didn't hate it. Not bad. Perhaps I've been trying "bad" mangoes all this time. But I liked it, I really liked it!

I heeded the early reviews from the P&Q and didn't add all of the ginger, and bought two mangoes just in case they were needed, and they were. The bread came together easy enough, just very late in the day....er evening.....well, night, really. As in "I hope the bread gets out of the oven before midnight" late. Since Dorie says it will be tastier to eat the next day, it will be perfect to bring to work tomorrow. Technically tomorrow is "the next day," though perhaps only 9 hours after it comes out of the oven.

Thanks again to all who contributed to the P&Q this week. The news on needing more than one mango was very helpful and very needed. And thanks to Kelly at Baking with the Boys for this week's selection (recipe can be found on Kelly's blog).

ed on 5/20 to add top photo of it cooled and out of the pan. Also to add that it is tasty, though the strongest flavors are the spices and not the mango or the zest. A little chopped nuts and coconut would be nice additions for a second baking.


Leslie said...

Glad I'm not the only one who pulls these things out of the oven right before bed! I used to hate mangoes (when I lived in Florida and had a tree), but I've discovered I like them (now that I live in California and no longer have a tree). Your bread turned out great!

Flourchild said...

Your bread looks really good. Im glad you got the chance to make it! My family loved it.

Pamela said...

Facebook is pretty neat for reuniting, isn't it?? Nice job on the bread and I think that the nuts were great in the bread.

Kara said...

Heheh. Isn't it funny to go forever thinking you don't like something and then somehow you wind up eating it and realize you do? Happened to me with brussels sprouts. I read somewhere that our tastebuds renew themselves every 7 years, so maybe it's worth trying things you hated after a few years have gone by!

Megan said...

Well, it sounds like the mango became your friend after all.

Too bad I ate all the mango, instead of actually baking the bread.

Anonymous said...

Orange passionfruit mango juice - is that the Sun brand? I love that juice too! I'm a mango lover, avocado not so much - wish I could have a mango tree in CA!

Your loaf looks so delicious and I agree, the mango flavor didn't pop out as much as the spices.