Tuesday, December 9, 2008

TWD: Grandma's All Occassion Sugar Cookies

This week's post will be like this week's recipe - short and sweet! Ulrike over at Kuchenlatein picked these quick and versatile cookies. A great choice for the holiday season!

I like versatility, and this recipe says you can either roll the cookies out and use cutters for the shapes, or you can shape the dough into a "chubby sausage" and slice-and-bake them. When I divided my dough I did half one way and half the other, but like last week I do have some dough in the fridge (good news if I can't decide what to give someone for the holidays!)

Due to a very busy job, end of year work celebration and a birthday (yay!) I only finished the slice-and-bake variety. And I didn't frost them (see "I am busy" statement above). I baked them on Sunday, and by tonight they are a little crunchy, but still good. This would be a great recipe to have on hand if you were the type of person who had unexpected company since the dough can stay in the freezer for up to two months.

The important lesson I learned this week (or relearned, as the case may be) is that I need to work on my math skills. I thought last week's cookies were too thick. This week I finally wised up and got out the ruler. As it turns out, there was a really good reason I thought my cookies were too thick -- they were! By about 1/4 of an inch! Oh bother! I adjusted my slicing skills this week and the sugar cookies turned out great. I'll get the hang of measuring things eventually (I hope!).

Many of the TWDers already have sugar cookie recipes that they are very fond of, but I'm not committed to any one recipe. I'd definately give this one another try, and I'm looking forward to rolling out the shapes and see how those cookies turn out. And I think frosting is fun, too.


Rebecca said...

This one was delicious, but next time, I'm definitely going to slice and bake.

P.S. I keep a cheapo plastic ruler in the kitchen, but I CANNOT judge measurements to save my life.

Jill said...

Good idea about the ruler! I just bought some rolling pin guides so that I can roll dough to a certain thickness. I haven't tried them yet, but I bet they'll be great.

TeaLady said...

We're supposed to measure.... Just kidding. YOur cookies look good to me.

Pamela said...

They look great! I never measure...I'm a little lazy like that! :o)

TourGuide Jenn said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with measuring issues. It's weird because I'm really good at spacial relationships, just not so good with judging sizes.

Jill - I'll be interested to know how the rolling pin guides are to use. I know Alton Brown is a big proponent of them. Until I get that far down my kitchen "wish list" I'll just go old school and use the ruler. ;-)

Thanks to all for the visit and the comments!