Thursday, August 6, 2009

CEiMB: Updates, a catch up, but no Carrot Cake

Although I am a big fan of carrot cake I passed on this week's recipe selected by Leanna at Enjoying My Favorite Things. I feel very sloth-like, since she battled tornadoes and power outages to get hers done. I just battled a little bit of busy-ness at work, and lost. Ugh!

I am happy to report I remembered to photograph my second serving of last week's pick, the Cobb Salad. I've enjoyed the dressing all week. It is pretty tasty just mixed with tomatoes and avocados.

Speaking of tomatoes and avocados, I took advantage of left overs and made a BAT - Bacon, Avocado and Tomato sandwich. It was seriously yummy. I pondered tossing a little blue cheese in there just to give it some zip, but decided against it. It was tasty, but I'm thinking I should make it again for the experiment -- yeah..... I need to sacrifice and make another sandwich for the sake of science to see if the blue cheese is as good as it sounds.

Also, on a coolish day, I made Ellie's Granola (previously made by the CEiMB group before I joined). I must say it was/is very tasty. I followed the recipe exactly (except for that handful of sweetened coconut I added) and LOVE it. I've had it as a cereal, I've added it to yogurt, I've eaten it solo as a snack. I just can't eat enough of this stuff. It is a great way to use up the left over bits of nuts (or coconut!) from other baking/TWD projects. Healthy - tasty - easy. Can't beat it. If you've joined CEiMB after that was made, you'll definitely want to give it a try.

I'll be back with the regularly scheduled CEiMB recipe next week. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Sara said...

That sandwich looks so good. Avocado and bacon is a match made in heaven. And I totally agree about the granola too, I have made it a few times now.

Pamela said...

Well, I'm all for making that sandwich again and trying out the blue cheese! Go for it! Nice job.

Leslie said...

That sandwich looks sooogood! The cobb dressing was yummy, but I never thought of mixing it with the leftover avocado and tomatoes! When I first read your post I had to do a double take. I swear you said "I've eaten it solo as crack" and I was nodding in agreement. It's so addictive! I'll have to try it with coconut.