Thursday, September 17, 2009

CEiMB: Black Bean Mexican-Style Pizza

I was plenty happy when I saw that Joanne over at Apple Crumbles chose this recipe for this week's Craving Ellie in my Belly (where, for reasons I can't explain, I can't leave comments - bummer!). I was happy because it was a non-chicken recipe (yay!) and because this looked like a tasty, healthy, EASY recipe to put together.

The bean dip was pretty easy. I recently had a bad experience with a jalapeno pepper (burning, I mean sizzling pain, that slowly worked its way from one finger to the next. Had to throw out the sponge so I wouldn't reinfect myself), so I added hot sauce rather than a pepper. The dip was definitely a winner - mine turned out a little too limey, so much so that I double checked the recipe to make sure I didn't get my "tablespoons" and "teaspoons" confused. But after the first night that flavor mellowed out, and I've really enjoyed the dip after that.

The pizzas came together quickly and easily. I made one as written, and one I added just a little bit of cheese. After a trip to the oven I cooled it off and ate it. Very tasty - even the one without the cheese was flavorful and complete.

This is definitely going into the keeper pile. The recipe is here, and over at Apple Crumbles.

An attempt at artful plating - not so successful!


AppleC said...

Thanks for cooking along. Your BBMP came out great. It was so easy and really you could make a lot of changes to it and still keep it healthy. I missed the cheese. I like lots of cheese on my pizza.
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Melissa said...

That looks seriously GOOD. I'm trying to eat better, and that looks like a really good after-gym lunch. I think I'll try mine with some goat cheese. :)

Pamela said...

Yes, I liked this one too, very much. I will definitely make it again. And it looks even better with the cheese!

Leslie said...

I missed this one but I'm kicking myself after seeing yours! I love the veggies on the top...yum!

Sara said...

This was pretty tasty. I have also had the unfortunate experience of horrendous pepper burning (in my nose!), I now only use pickled jalapenos in a jar. These are much easier and less likely to burn the crap out of you.