Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TWD: Carmel Crunch Bars

Today's TWD was just something that needed to get done. You know that feeling -- you've got a lot to do on top of a lot that's already done, and this little baked good is just another thing on the "to do" list that needs to be checked off. That was how I approached this week's choice by Whitney over at What's left on the Table. I know I shouldn't say such a thing out loud, but that was my reality this morning when I started. I simply wanted to get them done.

I really was looking forward to this choice too. If it has Heath Bar anything, I'm sold. This recipe is easy enough, but, if I can confess one more thing I shouldn't, I'm getting a little tired of chopping chocolate. Don't get me wrong, I love to eat chocolate, and I love chocolate desserts. But working with chocolate is messy, and everything I've made lately has chocolate (including Sunday's Oscar night Cheesecake), and I'm beginning to have evil thoughts about it.
On the up side I realized as I worked that the whole "practice makes perfect" thing really is true. I've found a rhythm in my kitchen and baking routine and have a much better idea of how to get ingredients and recipes put together without it seemingly taking all day. I felt pretty good about that, and thought it was my "take away" for the project.

Then, just after I put the base of the bars in the oven, I had a bite of the dough. If my mouth could have done a back flip and jumped up and down like a cheerleader, it would. "Oh my, that was good!" it shrieked (shrieked I tell you!). Suddenly, the whole "project" turned to a joy. Kind of like driving to work in the rain, cursing all the traffic, only to see a double rainbow light up the sky. Or you go to a movie you didn't really want to, only to think it the funniest thing you've seen in ages. That's what these bars ended up being for me.

My co-workers were enthusiastic as well. Their mouths were doing back flips too, I'd guess, based on how quickly the bars went, and how many requests for the recipe I got. So thanks Whitney, for a great pick. And for providing me my double rainbow for the day.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I love it when I finish a recipe with success!

Pamela said...

Like what you said about finding your rhythm, I feel that way, too! Nice job on the cookies.

Leslie said...

I'm so glad all that chocolate chopping was worth it! I was a little over it by the time I was done, but one bite of these babies won me over!

Megan said...

I was getting scared when you mentioned having evil thoughts about chocolate.

But then you got the happy double rainbow and all is well.

Jennifer said...

Stunning job on those bars!!!!