Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TWD: Passing on this week

You will see me sitting out this week's pick. My apologies to my fellow TWDers and to Shari at Whisk: a food blog who is responsible for picking Floating Islands. Since I have no "built in" group to try and, more importantly, eat my creations, portability is a must! Whether that's over the back fence to the landlords, or to my eager and greedy co-workers (who recently have become a little pushy and demanding regarding baked goods. Sheesh - feed a co-worker a cookie, and they just want MORE!) whatever I make has to travel. The Floating Islands just didn't look like something that was going to be easily brought to work and divided among 20 people. What I've seen and read on the TWD blogs is very positive and has inspired me to try them the next time I have company.

I am very excited about the "cover cake" pick for next week. I may buck my own tradition and make that before Tuesday night!

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