Thursday, February 26, 2009

Making up TWD: A Tall and Creamy Cheesecake

For the Oscars on Sunday I made a cheesecake. This was on the TWD list from December, and I was all set to make it then. I had the main ingredients that I normally don't have (4 blocks of cream cheese, and chocolate graham crackers since I wanted to make the Layered Chocolate version). But then I was busy at work. And then I caught a cold. Then I was busy at work again. Then I caught another cold. The cream cheese in the fridge and the graham crackers in the cupboard mocked me everytime I opened them. They had just one question - when?

So what better occasion to make an elegant black and white dessert for than an Oscar party. The pressure was on, and as typical for me, I did a dopey thing -- I didn't read the recipe all the way through before I started to see if I had all the ingredients. What -- you mean I need something other than cream cheese and graham crackers??? To say I made this by the skin of my teeth would be an understatement (picture, if you will, opening about 20 sugar packets so that I could have enough sugar - need I say more?).

Since I never made a cheesecake before, and because this was going to a party with actual people (rather than my non-fussy co-workers) I was very nervous and thought I'd pass out from anticipation (or was that passing out feeling a Hugh Jackman closeup?). Happily, it was a success. Very tasty, very tall, very creamy (the cheesecake, not Hugh Jackman.....hmmmm.....let me rethink that last statement......).

I was surprised how easy this cheesecake is to make. It needs time, sure, so it's not a "throw it together" kind of dessert. But a show stopper for those special occassions.


Megan said...

Ha ha - I laughed out loud at the image of you opening 20 sugar packets. How did you do the two layers? Did you just add melted chocolate to part of the regular batter? I really like the way that looks!

Pamela said...

This was a great cheesecake and I'm sure it was enjoyed by all. Great job! I admire your dedication and I'm impressed about you opening all of that sugar!

Leslie said...

Wasn't this yummy? I agree it is an easy recipe, even though the cooking, cooling, etc. takes some time. This is one of the most requested recipes I have! Now that I see yours, I want to try it with a chocolate layer!