Thursday, July 30, 2009

CEiMB: Cobb Salad

The subtitle of this post is "How I Know I'm Not a Real Food Blogger." One sign - the picture above. Yes, this is the only picture I have to offer you this week - the aftermath of this salad. Sad, I know. If I were a real food blogger I would be very mindful of taking pictures at the right time in the process, making sure I did so at the right time of day to take advantage of the best light. Almost none of my pictures work out that way, and more than a dozen times I've nearly been pictureless for a post. This time, I succeeded??? I figure the aftermath is better than nothing.

Also, if I were a real food blogger I wouldn't be embarrassed to take pictures of my food in restaurants. I've had meals that I wished I documented so I could post something about them, but I find it all so awkward. Really, really awkward. And a smidge pretentious perhaps. No offense to the people who do take pictures of their restaurant experiences. I just feel that no one can really be that interested in what I eat.

And there lies my problem today. I love food. And I was into this recipe. I did some tweaking - I just did mixed spring greens (I prefer them to romaine), and I skipped the chicken (I've recently realized I'm either allergic to or have an intolerance for chicken. Who knew that was possible? Well, it is), and I prefer bacon to ham (sorry Ellie). But anything that combines bacon, tomato and avocado I'm all for (As a native Californian I'm contractually obligated to love avocados. And boy do I). So with great enthusiasm I created a culinary masterpiece ----- and then ate it without a thought for all of you. Ooops!

I made a smaller version of the salad but made the full dressing since it sounded intriguing. I've never put Worcestershire sauce in a dressing before. The dressing was really wonderful. I think it would be lovely just on top of an avocado, let alone all the fixings.

Overall easy to put together and delicious. I may have missed the "healthy" part by adding the bacon, but I promise to have a diet Coke when I wash it all down tomorrow for lunch.

The recipe can be found here. Thanks to Gabi at The Feast Within for this very yummy and easy pick!


Pamela said...

Great post! I've never taken pics in a restaurant either. Not yet, anyway. Like you, I always think...does anyone else REALLY care what I'm eating?

Loved this recipe and thought the dressing was fantastic. Hope you enjoy your leftovers. :o)

sara said...

Haha, I can totally relate, especially about restaurants. I almost didn't have a picture either. I was pretty underwhelmed with the way my salad looked, and it is hard to be enthusiastic about taking a picture in that position. Though I did also really enjoy this salad, and I added bacon too. How could you not?

Anonymous said...

Taking the photos is the least fun part for me and a lot doesn't make it to my blog because I didn't photograph it.

I've taken lots of photos in restaurants but they turn out so terrible (due to the lighting) that I can't use them. So I embarrass myself by taking the photo and then I don't show it to anyone!

Maria Salomon said...

I'm really working on taking photos out in public/at restaurants.....haven't gotten up the nerve yet either, but would love to do it and blog about it.
We enjoyed the Cobb salad too.

Mary said...

I agree..the dressing was great. I won't take blog pictures in restaurants and I am always embarassed to take them when I have friends to dinner too!

Anonymous said...

The hardest part of blogging, for me, is taking the pictures. Sometimes I forget (or forget to put the memory card back in the camera - oops) and am left with no pictures of a great recipe. Or sometimes it is just impossible for me to make something look as good as it tastes.

Anonymous said...

Taking pictures, in my house, is funny. My husband is ready to sit down to dinner and I say, "Wait, I have to take a picture."

The question - "Who did you cook for, me or the blog?"

I am not sure of the answer since what I cook has a lot to do with what we are making in different groups.