Tuesday, July 7, 2009

TWD: Tribute-To-Katharine-Hepburn Brownies

When I was in high school the only Advanced Placement class I took was an English class my senior year. One of our assignments was to write to a famous person and to create a letter that was so good we got a personal response. An impossible task today, I would think. Being the odd child that I was, I picked Katharine Hepburn. I admired her independence and smarts, and one of my favorite movies then was "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" (still is).

Sad to say I did not get a personal response from Ms. Hepburn, but did get one from her long time secretary Phyllis Wilbourn. It took a little persuading, but I got credit for the response. I assume it is stashed away in a box somewhere (I tend to hoard paper). I know that the picture I had of Ms. Hepburn on my dorm wall my freshman year (did I mention I was an odd child?) is long gone.

As for these brownies, they were easy enough to put together, but I'm feeling way out of practice. I've been MIA the last week or so - first there was an unexpected health issue (hmmm...are health issues ever "expected?") which happily turned out to be nothing, then there was a much needed mini-vacation over the holiday weekend. Today I had jury duty (not picked, sadness) and I also have a visiting house guest who is sweet, and he keeps me company, but he does snore terribly (he snores enough to make me miss my Dad -- for the first hour.......)

For the life of me I can't get this picture to rotate - ugh!

So although these brownies should have been easy, they were not. They definitely turned out oooey and gooey, not to mention tasty, but very, very messy. I'm so out of touch I forgot to check the P&Qs (I bet there are others who had the same problem). I'll see if I can get the brownies out of the pan (something went wrong there) and into a container without getting covered in chocolate. Or maybe I'll just hoard them too (why stop at paper).

Oh, you're supposed to sift the cocoa into the pan......

Many thanks to Lisa at Surviving Oz for this pick, and also for the beautiful, fantastic new logo for TWD. I absolutely LOVE it! The pictures on her blog are beautiful, and I can tell I'll be digging deep into the archives.
As for me I'll be back into the swing of things soon (I hope!).


sara said...

These were so good, but I had to put them in the fridge before I cut them because they were so soft and mushy.

Pamela said...

Isn't' it frustrating when the picture won't rotate?? Cute house guest. I loved these brownies way more than I thought I would. Nice job.

Leslie said...

Like Sara, I also chilled mine before cutting and it seemed to solidify them. Yours look amazing!

Gen said...

Wish I saw this post beforehand! This is perfect for my grandmother’s party - she just love these kinds of recipes!