Thursday, July 23, 2009

CEiMB: Oven Baked Onion Rings

Somehow this summer I have lucked out with the weather. Every time there has been something that I needed to bake, the last minute to do it (my normal time to complete these things) was the coolest part of the week. With gratitude my luck has held with this week's pick.

I was excited when I saw that Mare from Meet Me in the Kitchen had picked the Onion Rings. I do really love onion rings, and will pick them over fries most of the time. But I do dislike the kind that are simply soaked in grease and become so rich that you can only eat a few. So I thought this would be great.

Then I read the recipe. I must tell you that I never (truly never) buy potato chips. Occasionally I'll buy tortilla chips, but never potato chips. They simply aren't something I think about buying, plus I'm one of those "can't have just one" types of people. I did not want extras lurking about the house.

So I compromised and bought an individual bag and figured I'd just make part of the recipe. Who needs 4 servings of onion rings anyway? Plus I read the reviews online at the Food Network and I wasn't completely convinced I was going to love this.

I followed the recipe, but ran out of chips before I ran out of buttermilk mixture or rings. I supplemented what I had left with some panko. Results? Too much Cayenne in the original batch, not enough flavor in the panko batch. I think this recipe is a definite keeper, I could see (taste?) the potential in what I had. Perhaps the doctoring that Sara did with a downgrade in the cayenne is the way to go.

To sum up - not my favorite thing ever, but this definitely has potential. I'll have to give it a try again - hopefully the cooling trend in the weather will last!

PS - any "Torchwood" fans out there? I'm late posting this week due to my complete immersion into the 5 night series. Tonight was super intense -- I'm not sure my nerves will make it through tomorrow night's finale!


Pamela said...

Well, I admire your determination in keeping the extra chips out of the house. I really enjoyed this recipe. I look forward to making them again using Sara's recipe.

Sara said...

sorry to hear you didn't love this, though I usually end up using the whole bag for the coating, so there is no danger of me inhaling the rest of the bag while the rings are cooking :)

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with running out of chips - I think that was because most of them were stuck to my fingers :) Good thinking with the panko!

Marthe said...

Yes, to much cayenne, but still loved these!! Next time I'll try Sara's mixture of spices!

Pamela said...

Jenn-Thanks for all of those fantastic comments on my blog! Reading them really made my Sunday morning. :o)

Leslie said...

These look delicious! I sat this one out because I'm like you in that I just don't buy potato chips, and when I do, there's an expressway between my hand and the bag. Plus the turning on the oven thing. Now I wish I'd made them! Thanks for stopping by and commenting (and commenting and...) It was such a thrill to wake up and see that you had visited!

Anonymous said...

I threatened anyone who even looked like they were closing in on my chips.
This was a good recipe.

Sophie said...

They certainly look delicious. Sometimes a recipe can take a bit of tweaking, but if it's got potential that's definitely a good sign! :)