Friday, November 6, 2009

CEiMB: Linguini with Shrimp and Vegetables

I really enjoyed this recipe, chosen by Farah over at Confessions of a Novice Baker. So much so that last night after making it, eatting it, and tidying up the kitchen and watching a little TV, I went to bed and forgot about this last step in the CEiMB process. oh well -- better late than never.

I used my precious Argentinian shrimp for this (those babies are so good), and I love all the other ingredients, so I knew going in this would be a winner. Work is beginning to get a little intense, and will only get more so as we get closer to the holidays, so I was probably most enthusiastic about the wine (just kidding -- well kinda).

I only made half of the recipe and it was a ton of food. I'm happily bringing the second serving to work today -- I love having good eats as leftovers.

This will be going into the rotation with the other Ellie recipes I love.


Sara said...

This was so tasty, glad you liked it as well. It did make a lot of food, I was easting leftovers for days. I will have to look for those shrimp at my TJ's. Thanks!

Maria Salomon said...

Argentinian shrimp? I must try them!
We loved this dish and had tons of leftovers too.....fancy lunches for everyone!
Fun cooking together!

Pamela said...

LOL about the wine! Hope it doesn't get too crazy for you at work. I really enjoyed this recipe, too. A repeater, for sure.