Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TWD: Chocolate Armagnac Cake - The Cake That Got Me Fired

Greetings all! I'm sitting this cake out this week. No offense to Lyb over at And then I do the dishes. I think this pick is a bold choice and I'll probably make it some point. But right now, as many people are, I'm trying to be miserly with my resources, and this recipe calls for ingredients I don't have on hand. Okay -- if I were really being honest, it would be that....AND the fact that I'm just a little "sweet-ed" out. I never dreamed I could reach a limit on sweets, especially chocolate. But, sadly, I have. I mentioned being tired of chopping chocolate in a previous post, and that feeling just hasn't left me yet. Happily I have Lemon Cup Custard to look forward to next week. It will force me to buy the ramekins I've been eyeing for awhile.

On a different note -- I'll be doing several posts around a theme this month. I'm pretty excited about what I've accomplished so far, so please check back for that! In the meantime I look forward to checking out what you all did this week!


Pamela said...

Sorry you missed this one, it was a tasty cake! Have fun buying your new ramekins, though!

Secret Server said...

See you next week, with your new ramekins. :)

LyB said...

Hope you get to make it some time, it was quite a cake. :)