Monday, June 22, 2009

A little housekeeping, part 2

I'm changing names on you, now that you know who I am. The blogger formerly known as Tour Guide Jenn will be masquerading as Jenn H (formerly Tour Guide Jenn) for the next month or so. Since that's a bit cumbersome, I'll be dropping the last part sometime this summer. I just want to make sure when I visit y'all you're not wondering who the heck I am, and how many Jenns are there anyway. I'll keep my little orange flower picture, since I'm a visual learner and perhaps you are too.

Once the official Tour Guide Jenn blog is up and running I'll point you in that direction (but not vice versa). I'm hoping to use it for business and some fun. For instance, in less than two weeks this will be me. And the other blog will be a good place to share the details.

Thanks for visiting and trying to keep track of my identity. I do appreciate it!

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