Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TWD: Sadly -- not this week

This cake looks delicious, and I really wanted to give it a try. I was enthusiastic despite my shaky relationship with butter cream. I've yet to master it and the thought of trying again gives me nightmares (I'll temper eggs any day rather than try butter cream frosting).

This week the spirit was willing but the schedule was not. I'll eventually get to it, but this week it just isn't in the cards. I look forward to seeing what everyone else does (I'll probably need to wear a bib while visiting y'alls blogs so I don't drool on myself).

My apologies to Carol at mix mix....stir, stir for not baking along this week. She had quite an adventure with her cake and the results look yummy. I look forward to having my own adventure with this cake soon.


chocolatechic said...

I used cream cheese icing, and it was to die for!

Carol Peterman said...

I hope you are able to try this cake soon, it was really good. Don't be afraid of buttercream, with a little practice you will get the hang of it and meringue buttercream really can't be beat.

Leslie said...

It was an adventure! Hope you'll be back with us next week because the brownies at the best. Ever.

Pamela said...

Hope things ease up for you a bit soon! Take care.

TeaLady said...

This is your new mantra - I will not let butter cream defeat me. I will not let butter cream defeat me.

Easy, Peasy!!!