Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TWD: Honey-Peach Ice Cream

I come from a long line of ice cream eaters, so this recipe is the perfect end to a 5 day family fest. Mom's 80th party was a big success and everyone had a good time (more details later). That said it's nice to get back into the swing of things, and ice cream seems to be a nice end to the first "normal" day in weeks.

I made the custard this morning before work. That came together easy enough. My only real problem was not enough ripe peaches despite a weekend in a dark place. I put the two truly ripe peaches into the sauce pan and added honey.

It always surprises me when the tempering process works the way it is supposed to. I always expect to scramble my eggs so I tend to be super careful. As I was working on it this morning, I wondered who was the first to figure out this process works. The same person who figured out those spiny, bug-looking bottom feeders taste yummy boiled and dipped in butter?

Anyway, I got the custard to a temperature that would be happy in the fridge, and chilled all day. When I got home I whipped out the ice cream maker (love it!) and the bowl from the freezer (it lives there all the time, but, sadly, is rarely used). This process made me realize that I could do this more often - custard making in the AM, a trip to the maker in the PM, and a yummy midnight snack to top off the day.

Since so many people did not like how the frozen peaches felt/tasted in the ice cream I only put one peach when the ice cream was almost done. Otherwise I followed the recipe as written. I think it's a very tasty choice. If you want to see the recipe head over to Tommi's blog at Brown Interior for all the info, plus a cute limerick.


Leslie said...

Your ice cream looks perfect! I think your idea of doing the custard in the A.M. before work and finishing it off in the ice cream maker when getting home from work is great!

Sara said...

Your ice cream looks fab, nice and creamy.

TeaLady said...

Beautiful velvety ice cream. Yummy!!!

nick said...

I used to be surprised by the tempering process working as well, like the first 100 times I spent way too much time and effort to make sure it was just right. You only need 3 things to make it a success every time:

1) pour 1/3rd of the hot into cold FIRST
2) whisk pretending your arm is a kitchen aide high on cocaine.
3) have a strainer nearby (just in case)


Tracey said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the ice cream. It looks terrific! Ice cream is an awesome midnight snack :)

Pamela said...

That last picture of the ice cream is so tempting and inviting! It was some good stuff.